About Us

Who We Are

A family of over 180 employees under the dynamic leadership of our Director and experienced and professional management team. Pak duck textile. Industries have been thriving in the Pakistani Textile Industry since 1975. Working with International brands through out our time have made us versatile and adaptive to every process of garment manufacturing. Our core , our strongest link is our highly motivated and well-trained staff which is capable of tackling problems on the spot and achieving production and quality goals set for them. Our corporate culture, values and beliefs revolve around Quality, Commitment and Honesty. 

Pakduck. is a socially responsible complying with all the labor laws. Pakduck. Industries has GOTS and BSCI certificates which are compliant for Europe.

Plant and Equipment

118 sewing machines comprising -01 units having capacity of 60,000/- garments per month. This includes 70 Lock stitch, 10 Double needle ,7 machines of each (3,4,5) Thread Over lock, 6 Bar Tack, 2 Button hole, 2 Button attach , 3 4 Needles , 2 Tape cutter , 2 Eyelet Attach M/C.

KM made in Japan Electric Cutting.


We strive to surpass client satisfaction by guaranteeing optimum level of administrations, quality, on time delivery and cost efficiencies through continuous improvement and innovation. 


We aim to be one of the leading textile exporters in the industry. Achieving our maximum potential with maintaining a positive role socially and economically for our Country.